Monday, September 23, 2013

This lil' girl was born with glitter in her veins.

Like i promised to you guys i'd be putting up two new posts for this time. take it as a punishment for not updating often : ( So, here it is. This post's on a mani i did a few days back. It's not really that hard but the glitters get kinda messy at times. That's the only thing you need to worry about. I started it with the Manhattan's quick dry dark shaded red as a base. *BTW it does dry in 60 seconds like mentioned* i set a timer. haha kidding about the timer thing. Next comes the glitter part. You can easily find one at a stationery.   When putting the glitters you need to be real quick. As soon as you've finished applying a coat on one of your nails you need to hurry & put the glitter on top before it dries off. Otherwise the glitter won't stick & you'll need to re-apply the base again. After you've done applying to all the nails you'll finish it off with the transparent nail color. i used florelle's laque plus transparent. But it's not necessary you've to apply the same one . Anyone which is available for you. Okay then goodluck guys. Hope you'll come out with  good results. Till then toodles! *all smiles ( :

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