Monday, September 23, 2013

A must watch movie- i just crossed my heart & i said it.

I'm very very sorry for not being able to update much lately. So, to put up with that i'll be doing two posts all at once. Well, where do i start from? okay here i go. Anyone who's up for an adventure? If yes then please do watch this movie. It's worth it. A very sweet & hilarious movie. I'm pretty sure many of you've watched it already. 'cause it's a movie of 2009. It's about a old aged man whose wife recently passed away. He's haunted by her memories. One day he decides to travel the world but since he doesnt want to leave the house behind where he has all the memories, he takes it along with him.He has to go through different hurdles to save himself & the house. So,  if you're bored & ain't got nothing to do then you can watch it again. & to the ones who haven't go grab it & watch it today itself.  here are some pictures.

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