Monday, September 23, 2013

3 Makeup Mistakes you're making

Makeup is an art form that allows your true creativity to come into play every day. From blending colors to testing out texture to tweaking as you go, practice makes perfect. Even though art needs freedom to breathe, sometimes an artist needs a nudge in the right direction. So today, in an effort to offer some creative guidance, I’m sharing three makeup mistakes you might not know you’re making, plus how to fix them.

Shrinking Eyes

Lining the eyes can bring out shape and add great definition, but avoid heavy bottom liner. Thick lines under the eyes can actually make them appear smaller and have an aging effect. Make sure to keep the line thin and natural, which will enhance your eye in the right places.

Harsh Lines

Too often I see women wearing heavy, uneven blush. The key is always to blend blush on the apples of the cheeks in an upward motion, layering the pigment. When using this technique, blush is soft and natural instead of harsh with obvious contour lines. Opt for sheer blushes and add color slowly for the perfect finish.

Cartoon Brows

Brows need shape and definition and are the key focal point to shape the entire face, but overly drawn brows tend to draw all of the attention (and not in a good way). To avoid looking cartoonish, use a soft and natural brow pencil to add shape and definition, slowly blending as you go–the more natural the shape, the less eye-raising the reaction.

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